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Speakers Technical Guidelines


The Organising Committee of the 20th Triennial Conference of the European Association for Potato Research (EAPR 2017) will do its utmost to help authors for their presentations and to facilitate their arrival and stay at the conference.

Please take a few minutes to read the following guidelines regarding the on-site organisation of the conference for the smooth running of the sessions.

Download the FULL speakers technical guidelines

Download the Template to use

A speakers’ preview room will be installed in the room Vauban, floor 1st of the Congress Centre of Versailles, France (follow signs onsite). Its role on site will be to manage the following:

-          Transfer each presentation on the internal digital network used for the projections,

-          Coordinate and ensure the overall smooth running of the conference sessions,

-          Follow the general schedule of the sessions,

-          Assist speakers for any requests they may have onsite.

In order to match with the most recent technology, the conference meeting rooms will be equipped with a video-projector and a laptop at the lectern.

After having picked-up their badge at the Welcome desk, each speaker should go to the PREVIEW ROOM (follow signs on site) in order to transfer his/her presentation on the digital equipment provided by the association and to control the well running of his/her presentation which will be projected during the appropriate session.

Speakers are entirely responsible for the order, the loading and the pre-projection of their computer assisted presentation, using the equipment made available by the organisers

Each speaker should also check in the final programme that the time of his/her session have not changed.

Speakers are invited to contact their chairperson prior to the session. Please, follow strictly the instructions of the chairperson(s), especially with regard to the time allotted to your presentation.

Time allotted for:

  • Invited keynote speakers: please refer to your schedule – duration: 30 minutes (5/10 mn questions included)
  • Oral free communications: please refer to your schedule – duration: 20 minutes (5 minutes questions incuded)

Do not go over the time limit and remember to save time for discussion!  The chairperson of the session will be responsible for ensuring respect for the time allowed to each speaker.  Remember to speak directly into the microphone at a suitable speed for everybody to understand.

Qualified personnel will act as liaison between speakers and projectionists: speakers will not have access to the projection rooms; therefore speakers must go to the PREVIEW ROOM to hand in their computer assisted presentations that will be transferred to the conference room.

Presentation (Power-Point style):

To avoid delays caused by switching on computers on the platform, booting up computers and potential compatibility problems, the Organising Committee has made available to speakers the standard A/V system a computer and a single projector linked. There will be a master computer in the meeting room and to ensure smooth transition between speakers and appropriate audiovisual technical support, the Organisers request that speakers do not connect their own laptop. Every speaker has to go to the Preview room beforehand to provide his/her PowerPoint presentation.

Official Language:

The official language of the Conference is English, which means that all presentations and questions must be delivered in ENGLISH.

Format - Presentation:

Only Presentations for PC’s (Windows 10 and previous) and PC’s compatible (to avoid problems of compatibility between PC’s and MAC, please use commune fonts to both PC’s and MAC like Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri) will be accepted, (no UNIX).

Do not forget to save your file with the .pptx extension.

Please prepare your presentation using PowerPoint and the joint template with a slide size formatted for 16/9 display.

- If you have pictures, they must be under the following format: .jpg, or .gif, format (.pict prohibited).

- If you have video files attached to your Powerpoint presentation, they must be in the following format: .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .wmv, mp4 or .mov and must be saved in the same folder than the presentation.

And do not forget, when saving your final presentation in an USB stick, to make sure to include your video files if any and all links to these multimedia files.

 Slide Size

Depositing of file:

- Your computer file must be handed over to the preview room’s staff of the PREVIEW ROOM, either a memory stick or a hard drive, as far in advance as possible and ONE hour BEFORE the beginning of each session AT LATEST. (The presentation for an early morning session should be handed over the evening before).

- In the PREVIEW ROOM, you will be assisted by a technician, who will help you to download your presentation to the internal network. You will also be able to review your presentation and to verify that it has been transferred correctly to the network.

- The opening hours of the PREVIEW ROOM during the Conference will be:

Sunday July 9th, 2017 from 14:30 to 18:00

Monday July 10th, 2017 from 08:00 to 17:00

Tuesday July 11th, 2017 from 08:00 to 17:00

Thursday July 13th, 2017 from 08:00 to 17:00

Friday July 14th, 2017 from 08:00 to 12:00

In the Meeting room:

-       Your presentation will be sent directly to the meeting room through the internal computer network of the Congress Centre of Versailles. The PC on the lectern is programmed in 16/9 and is linked to a video-projector

-       Once the presentation is launched, you, the speaker, will control its display. Clicking on the mouse, your computer assisted slides will go on as usual.

-       Please, do NOT come at the last minute with your own laptop in the meeting room: you will NOT be able to connect it. Go to the PREVIEW ROOM located Level 1 in Vauban room beforehand.

Other relevant information

At the deposit of your file in the Preview Room, it will be asked your agreement for storing your presentation also in a .pdf format in order to continue sharing your information by making your presentation available for the participants of the conference after its ending. With your agreement this will be displayed on the web site of the Triennial for its participants on a pdf file on which you will have the possibility to restrict the information compared to what you had presented.