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Posters Technical Guidelines


The Organising Committee of the 20th Triennial Conference of the European Association for Potato Research (EAPR 2017) will do its utmost to help authors for their presentations and to facilitate their arrival and stay at the conference.

Poster exhibition will take place during the coffee break and lunch sessions on the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the Poster area Galerie Le Nôtre, level 2 of the Congress Center of Versailles.

The posters will be discussed in front of the poster board during the dedicated sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Please hang your poster during the mounting allocated time, on Sunday July 9th and Monday July 10th 2017. Posters should be displayed for the entire duration of the conference.

Set-up/ Removal instructions

Mounting (poster area)

Sunday July 9th, 2017

Monday July 10th, 2017

From 16:00 to 18:00

From 08:00 to 10:00

Removing (*)

Friday July 14th, 2017

From to 10:30 to 12:30


(*) Poster should be removed at the stated times.

The organisers are not responsible for loss or damage of those posters which are not removed by authors within the times of dismantling as indicated above. Posters not removed by their authors at the end of the Conference can no longer be retrieved by the authors.

Level 2

Poster sessions

The posters will be numbered and splitted by topic. Their presentation will be done by the author(s) during the appropriate “Poster session” on Tuesday July 11th afternoon or Thursday July 13th afternoon by following the programme below. So, author(s) must be present in front of their poster during the whole duration of the session concerned by its presentation.

During the remaining time of the conference, you can visit other posters being presented.(*)

Please present your poster during the appropriate poster sessions, at the schedule indicated below:

Poster Sessions

(*) we suggest you leave your contact details on your panel, should anybody want to discuss your poster with you outside the poster area.

Best poster Award

The best posters, selected in regard of the best notations given by the Scientific Committee on the abstracts received in due time, will be also displayed on a voting born. We invite each delegate to vote for the best poster on the voting born until Thursday July 13th, 17:00.

Instructions for the authors with their abstract selected for the best posters will be sent with these guidelines.

Should you don’t receive special instructions for the best posters, it means that your abstract is not selected for the Best poster Award.

The awarded author will receive a price during the closing ceremony.

Poster dimension and format

The poster must not exceed 130 cm high and 90 cm wide, PORTRAIT ONLY. A template is available for a A0 size poster (118,9 cm x 84,1 cm) on this link – Thank you in advance to use the template even if adapting the size of the poster.


Your poster must be written in ENGLISH. 

Poster Contents:

Each poster should contain the following elements:

1.     Title of the selected abstract,

2.     Full names of contributing authors and affiliation,

3.     Sections on the purpose of the study (Introduction, Material and methods, Results and discussion),

4.     A Conclusion (The conclusion is by far the most important part of the poster – the message should be clear and simple).

Text, tables and drawings for figures should be large enough to be seen at a distance of 2 metres. Illustrations should be used to convey important points; diagrams, graphs, bar charts, scatter grams, pie charts and photographs will enhance your presentation.

Make short statements, avoid long explanatory sentences.


In order to fit the poster board, your poster should not exceed 130 cm high and 90 cm wide (Portrait only). Prepare your material beforehand so that it will fit neatly into the space available and can be easily attached to the board. Suitable fixing materials will be provided by the Conference organisers. There will be a poster helpdesk close to the poster area, where staff will be happy to assist you.

Thin cardboard is more suitable than paper. Use a computer, or enlarge a typed text by photographic methods. If you can have your poster produced by your institution, the finished effect is more professional.

Other relevant information

In order to continue sharing your information presented on your poster, the Organising Committee will offer the possibility to display the presented posters through a .pdf file logged on the web site of the conference after its ending and for the participants who attended the Triennial. For this purpose we invite you to send your poster in a .pdf file to before June 16th 2017. A reminder will be sent to you on this point during the first days of June.