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About EAPR

The European Association for Potato Research has been created in 1957 and will celebrate its 60th birthday during the 20th Triennial Conference in Versailles.

The EAPR consists of nearly three hundred members, scientists from European countries and more, working on all the aspects of potato research and developments, from genomics aspects to production, storage and processing.

The Association pursues the following aims:

  • To promote the exchange between various countries, both in and outside Europe, of scientific and general information relating to all facets of potato growing and utilization;
  • To encourage and assist international cooperation in this field.

The life of the Association is described on its website It publishes also  a journal, Potato Research, which includes original scientific contributions on both fundamental and applied research on potatoes, review articles and topics of general interest.

In order to cover the different topics, the Association works with five sections: agronomy and physiology, breeding and varietal assessment, post-harvest, pathology and pests, virology. Each section organizes a specific seminar between the plenary triennial conferences. The current web site is dedicated to the 20th edition which will occur in Versailles from the 9th to 14th of July 2017.

To take benefit of lower price for the Versailles conference, become a member of the Association by direct on-line registration on the website of the Association (

The 21st Triennial Conference will occur in Poland in 2020.